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Michigan - Thumb Area Underwater Preserve

Daniel J.Morrell Wreck

Name: Daniel J. Morrell
Also Known By: None
Official No.: 203507
Vessel Type: Propeller, steel, bulk freight
Constructed: 1906, W. Bay City Shipbuilding, W. Bay City, MI hull# 619
Specifications: 580x58x27, 7239g 6216n
Date Lost: 1966, Nov 29

Place Lost: 25 mi N of Port Austin, MI

Body of Water: Huron (Thumb Area Preserve)
Type of Loss: Storm
Lives Lost: 28 of 29
Cargo: Light
Notes: This big steamer broke in two and foundered in 25-foot waves. The stern portion plowed on past the only three survivors before she sank. They had made it to a life raft, but two of them died of exposure before their craft came ashore. Both parts of the ship lie in the Thumb Area Preserve diving area - the stern was found in 1967, bow in 1979.
Location: Off Grindstone City in lake Huron.
Loran: 30761.4/49068.4
Lat/Lon: ?
Depth: 185-215 Feet
Visibility: 10-15 Feet


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