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Michigan - Thunder Bay Underwater Preserve

Pewabic Wreck

Name: Pewabic
Also Known By: None

Official No.: None

Vessel Type: Propeller, wood, passenger & package freight
Constructed: 1863, Peck & Masters, Cleveland
Specifications: 200 ft., 997 t.
Date Lost: 1865, Aug 9
Place Lost: Off Thunder Bay, MI, 7 mi from Alpena
Body of Water: Huron (Thunder Bay Preserve)
Type of Loss: Collision
Lives Lost:: 75 to 100
Cargo: Copper ingots, native copper, misc
Notes: Collided almost bows-on with her sister ship METEOR in a passing blunder and sank quickly. METEOR loitered to pick up survivors, even though she was sinking herself. She has been mostly stripped of cargo and fittings in a long succession of salvage dives, which have been regularly made on her since at least 1880. One salvage project in 1897 used dynamite and a diving bell to take thousands of pounds of pure copper masses off her.
Location: 6.7 miles at 130 degrees from the Thunder Bay Island Lighthouse.
Loran: ?
Lat/Lon: ?
Depth: 140-165 Feet
Visibility: 15-25 Feet


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