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Michigan - St. Clair River

John B. Martin Wreck

Name: John B. Martin
Also Known By: None
Official No.: 75717
Vessel Type: Schooner-barge, wood, 3-mast, bulk freight
Constructed: 1873, Quayle & Martin, Cleveland
Specifications: 220x34x14, 938g 891n
Date Lost: 1900, Sep 22

Place Lost: At Ft. Gratiot, MI

Body of Water: St Clair River
Type of Loss: Collision
Lives Lost: 4
Cargo: Iron ore
Notes: She collided with the big steel bulker YUMA and sank quickly. She had been in tow of the steamer GROVER and apparently sheered and was struck and demolished. The wreck was about 100 feet from the American side and it and the wreck of the FONTANA(qv), on the other side, made the channel very narrow.
Location: 200 yardds from the U.S. shore about 100 yards north of the Blue Water Bridge.
Loran: ?
Lat/Lon: ?
Depth: 60 Feet
Visibility: 5-20 Feet


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