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About Us

Hello. We are Dave and Pam Leander. We are the proprietors of Great Lakes Divecenter and we hope you enjoy your visit to the website.

In this section, we would like to talk about how we came into this line of work.

We started teaching SCUBA in 1984 with PADI. As Independent Instructors we taught many students through the Mt. Clemens, Michigan YMCA as well as onsite at a pool located at our home.

With the support of many of successful "Alumni", we opened our Full Service Dive Store in June 1994. Our first location was in a small strip mall on Van Dyke Avenue, just north of 21 Mile Road.

We quickly out grew that location and found a stand alone store that was a "Perfect Location".   A closed Long John Silver's Restaurant with a Diving Motif!

We moved right in and with a new store came a new highly visible sign and diver lawn ornaments-Authentic Life-sized Ship Anchors. The new decor seemed to attract a lot of attention and soon we had people flocking to see the "New" dive store. We had to tell them that we had been around for a few years, just down the street.

Since our opening, we have always carried gear and equipment from the best manufacturers in the Dive Industry. We carry Sherwood, Oceanic, Mares, Poseidon, OMS, Bare, DUI and Viking. Not to mention the numerous accessory and specialty manufacturer lines that we fully stock.

We are a PADI Instructor Development Center and also Teach D.A.N. Oxygen First Aid, TDI Technical Diving and PSI Cylinder Inspection courses.

Not only do we offer a complete line of rental equipment, we are also a certified service center for most brands of equipment.

We are constantly updating and enhancing our equipment lines to satisfy the needs of all our customers.

Please come in and take a look around. We believe in providing friendly, down to earth service.


Dave and Pam

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